Friday, April 06, 2012

Visita Iglesia

Maundy Thursday , 5 April 2012

It had been a tradition from my wife's family and mine to visit Seven (7) Churches in different that we have a family of our own we pass that tradition to our children.

This year we began our Visit to Christ The King Parish in Green Meadows Avenue, Quezon City.Near Libis and Eastwood. Here we recited the First and Second Stations of the Cross.

Next is in Green Hills, Mary the Queen Parish. situated between Xavier School and Immaculate Conception Academy in Little Baguio, San Juan. Here we recited the Third and Fourth Stations.

Our Third Church The St. John the Baptist Parish, more commonly known as the "Pinaglabanan Church", is where the city's patron saint is enshrined. The Fifth and Sixth Stations.

Fourth stop, the Church adjacent to Aquinas and the Dominican College in San Juan Del Monte the Dominican-constructed  convent and a stone church dedicated to the Holy Cross, the church of Sto Cristo. The Seventh and Eighth Stations.

Fifth Church the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in New Manila, Quezon City, the Ninth and Tenth Stations.

Sixth is the Shrine of the Divine Word, the Chapel of  Christ the King Mission Seminary in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. Here the Eleventh and Twelfth stations.

Seventh and last Church, is the Sacred Heart  of Jesus Parish in Kamuning. here we Recited the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Stations.

Let's make this a Yearly Affair.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AKO Naman

It's been a while since I've posted. Yes, I'm lazy! there's no excuse for neglecting something which I love to do.

So, let me share you something which is quite crazy but I guess sums up what I've been doing these past Months.

Sorry if I used pure Tagalog this rime...

Hindi lang mi-minsan, kung ihambing natin ang sarili natin sa iba. Kaya kadalasan, ang nakikita natin ay ang ating kakulangan. Sinasabi nating “Mabuti pa siya, nagawa na niya ito, ito at ito pa.” O ‘di naman kaya, “Bakit kaya lagi na lang sa kanila, pa’ano naman ako?” Marami ang mga pagkakataong inihahambing natin ang sarili natin sa mga taong nakapaligid sa atin – at parati bitin…HEP!

Kung pag-tu-tu-unan ng pansin, parati na lang mas maganda ang mga nangyayari sa iba. Hindi puwedeng makamit mo ang mga bagay na ito kung hindi mo pagdaraanan ang mga pinagdaanan nila. Pero, ibang usapan na iyon. Tigilan na nating ihambing ang sarili natin sa iba. AKO naman ang mamahalin ko!

Ang bawat isa sa atin ay may kani-kaniyang pasanin. Mataba marahil, payat, puyat. Mga anak, di magka-anak, asawa, iniwan ng asawa, walang asawa, matagal nang dalaga, matandang binata. Pera, trabaho, sobrang trabaho, walang trabaho, kulang ang sweldo, ang kita di makita. Nangungulila, pagkabalisa, pag-a-alinlingan, at iba pa.

Kailangang matutunan nating mahalin ang ating mga sarili, at kung hindi man natin magawa ito ngayon, tigilan na natin ang paghahambing natin sa ibang tao. Hindi natin alam kung ano ang pinagdaraanan nila.

Tandaan mo, parating may mas pogi o maganda pa sa iyo…mas matalino.

Mas malaki ang bahay, mas magarang sasakyan. Mas matalinong mga anak, at asawang mas mahilig magkumpuni ng mga bagay sa tahanan o di man kaya ay magaling at masarap magluto . Kaya tigilan na ang pag kumpara at maging kuntento kung ano ang mayroon ka.

Magnilay ka, malamang na ang pinaka mahusay mong katrabaho sa inyong tanggapan ay maaring nahihirapng makibagay sa kaniyang biyenan. At yung pinaka mayamang taong kilala mo –magarang sasakyan, bahay, kasuotan ay kulang sa tunay na kalinga at pagmamahal. Alam naman nating kung walang pagmamahal ay walang kahulugan ang buhay.

Kaya muli, mahalin natin ang ating sarili. Mahalin mo kung ano ka ngayon at gawin mong batayan ng pagmamahal mong iyan ang Diyos. Gawin mo siyang huwaran, manalamin sa tuwing paggising mo sa umaga, at pansinin mo kung gaano mo kawangis ang Diyos sa araw na iyon. Siya lamang ang gawin mong hambingan, at kung sakali mang kapusin ka sa batayan, nakakasiguro kang di ka Niya iiwan.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Eternal Rest...

a candle and a prayer, originally uploaded by kabukiph.

All Soul's Day is a day of remembrance for friends and loved ones who have passed away.

The living prays on behalf of Christians who are in purgatory, the state in the afterlife where souls are purified before proceeding to heaven. Souls in purgatory, who are members of the church just like living Christians, must suffer so that they can be purged of their sins. It is a time to pray for their souls that they may be received into heaven.

Every year we make it a point to go to the cemetery to offer flowers and light candles in honor of our dearly departed. It had been our tradition for years and hopefully this continues through the years.

The first photo was taken at the Yabut’s mausoleum at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina and the preceding photo is at the Garden of Peace just by the Entrance of the Park.

As if celebrating the feast with everyone in the park is the moon at its half phase.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Field Trip

Field Trip

August 24, 2007, 5a.m. we were all awake and preparing for my youngest daughter’s Educational Field Trip.

Purified water, sandwiches, “kanin at ulam” rice with (jumbo) hotdogs, some biscuits, juices and “pampalit” extra shirts. You can see why.

First Stop – Villamor Air Base Museum

You’ll be greeted by a collection of photos of the Heroes of the Philippine skies. Hanging atop the high ceiling lobby is a gigantic or is it just a huge Philippine flag.

As you walk your way up to the mezzanine (2nd floor) you will see a
collection of past and present uniforms of our airmen and the flags insignias of the Philippine Air Force.

On the way down you’ll walk pass the balcony with yet another line of photo of past commanding officers of the force. Below you’ll see a display of aircraft engine, its cockpit and canopy plus the eject mechanisms. Also put on show is a sectional First Generation Jet Engine (there seems to be something missing in this description), and a two sitter jet trainer for our aspiring cadets.

At the back of the building is another exhibit of old planes and helicopters decommissioned of course.

Next Stop – Market, Market at the Bonifacio Global City

Or should I say the GoNuts Donuts Outlet in the vicinity of The Fort.

The children were given a comprehensive lecture on Dough its

characteristics and ingredients and how it turns to (gold) donuts, peeking into a see-through glass wall, everyone had a glimpse of how they prepare their donuts. They had the chance to decorate their very own donut-to-eat treats topped with choco syrup ala Hershey’s and sprinkled with colorful candy bits and a generous amount of small mallows.

Lunch and 3D Movie – Mall of Asia

At the mall we arrived earlier than expected so we had the chance to go around a bit but only within the vicinity of i-MAX theater. We ate at one of the fast food chains in the area and right after lunch we waited and rested at the lounge of the theater, well me and my wife that is. for Trisha and her friends/classmates it was a chance of a lifetime, PLAYTIME!

In a little less than half-an hour we were prompted to queue., as the Movie was about to begin.

Last Stop – Manila Zoo

The Last venue for the day is the age-old Manila Zoo, upon entry you will be welcomed by vendors of different novelty items that depict or replicate the animals in the zoo…winged birds with wheels dragged /drawn by a bamboo stick, rat/mice made out of painted air-con filters with strings, cylinder-like cardboard and rubber band contraption that make it wiggle and roll like crazy and the children...berserk.

By the entrance to the right is the elephant, a bit more inward are the reptile cages, in the center of the park are the feline cages (most of them only cages) and across the street are the horses and other hoofed animals. At the center-interior of this recreational theme area are the bird cages, the monkeys and the apes plus some of their look-a-like field TRIPPERS (thugs) who irritate the poor animals and bring the worst out of these creatures of God.

On your way out is the pond area, the spitting fountain and the artificial life sized giraffe and mother and cub elephants. Near the exit is the kiddy/kindergarten petting zoo (unfortunately closed by that time P.M.) and the photo booth where your picture will be taken while you hold a 10 feet albino python or a much larger Burmese python for a minimum fee of no less than 100 pesos.

On the way home my wife and I slept the entire way. Well don't ask about my daughter and the rest of the children, they were all eyes and ears in watching the on-board movie about the environment whose casts were raccoons and beavers and other nocturnal possums.

In retrospect, the activity was very tiring the fee for the trip is close to 600.00/pax. The weather was not so good for it was darn too hot in the earlier part of the day and it rained while we were at the Manila Zoo, but the experience, the bonding and the joy it brought us and our child PRICELESS!

see you later!
Unahin Natin Lagi Ang Diyos!

Monday, April 02, 2007


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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cross Roads

I have been taking photos of almost everything under the sun, and when I say everything you can take it literally.

It’s been years, I’ve lost count…since I started with this hobby. I’ve used a lot of cameras all of them not mine, technically (borrowed from my brother, cousin, friend and neighbor). I’ve served as a cameraman for events in school; at home; with friends; among my peers even to strangers. I never took it seriously though.

Through the years, I improved on this craft but I developed a liking for the candid; the unprepared; the unplugged type of photography the sort of behind the scene scenes. Many people may think of my style as rude even offending. I didn’t give a damn. It’s more of a feeling of indifference, being detached from your subject. It did not matter how the shot turned out, but how funny and ridiculous they’d look in the shot. I’m not related to them anyways. Well, I’m still here am I?

Recently, I reached the point when I considered stopping and do just the ordinary and focus on the all so regular things in life. It just felt like, I had to stop and forget about photography and everything that is associated with it, then and there. Burnt- out, maybe? Suddenly I chanced upon this flickr
and with the inspiring works of the locals:
farl (farl); ronrag (ronnie); boso (andrew); merlysunflower (merly); litratista (gigi); wasaby (aby); kool.angot (aileen); bingbing (binggaling); wantet (tet); rokbot (marvin); adlaw (dia); sweetsexything (jenny); diamonds in the sole of my shoe; koolitz (donj); dirthman (third); gani (gani); donskii (don); syke (mykl); stitch (jimmy); hocchuan (pat); jolengs (jun); temyong; estan; gomi; rare images from shutterbugrer (robert); shutterwil (willy) and his son, waltz (walter). From across the seas: kaleidoscopeGal (Mim); bloophynix; jack hess (jack); jym (jim); alexdpx (alex); Lall(lall); waves (alon); eunicej (eunice); gasss; eliremolona (eli); chillntravel (ciska); sam lamb (sam); baby7 (baby rose); holybluejeans (terri) and her daughters bluecat77 (nikki), girl4god (aly); hokulea and solea, soon enough, almost a year now, I’ve noticed the fervor creeping into my system once more. Since then, I take photos of the regular things and everyday events but this time with more care. I still, do candid shots. I will definitely shoot spontaneous gestures and unguarded moments of people I’ve never met before. I guess, “It’s a (bad) hard habit to break.” But discretion plays a great part in this now, for in the end the output that I publish will determine, did I do justice to my subject or did I ridicule him with my work?

I never thought of this profession (only now?) as degrading or putting myself down. Taking photos is one way of preserving life. You capture moments, you freeze time and in the end, who would make someone or something look good in a portrait anyways, but the man behind the lens?
behind the lens

I’ve been BLOGGED

Monday, November 13, 2006


A dream fulfilled!
part 3 of 3

September 2, 2006, I got there earlier than usual. Our Chairman – Orlando “Jojo” Bautista was there just before the assembly gathered for prayer. Normally; volunteers arrived a little after eight. To my surprise, they were there half an hour earlier, I wonder what nudged them to come in a little early this day. Could it be that they enjoyed what they did in the first two schedules that preceded this? Maybe…even Our Chairman Emeritus - Ma’am Del Vitangcol together with our Board Treasurer - Aida B. Francisco fresh from the U.S. was there with our friend Gigi Bundoc. Soon after, another Board member - Ernesto “BOY” Bautista graced us with hi presence. Our AVP for HROD Jude O.L. Tiongco came with two of his children Carlos and Bettina to lend a hand in the venture.

We have finished the first home, now occupied by a family of four or is it six and their pet dog. Two more houses to go, but as it turned out; the supposed two homes to be painted is now three, one more added because what was supposed to be a single structure was made into a duplex type unit. Surely, another family will benefit from this. Once more roller paint brushes, rags and dust masks were given to an enthusiastic pack of would be Picassos. We immediately began the task as we received our tools. Paint here, move there, mix every now and then, wash a bit and transfer to another wall, was the order of the day for us who participated. There were drops of paint to the face, a smear on the sleeve and a streak to the hair, even dust in the eye but not a whine, from those of us who were affected by the nuisance of the trade. How time flies when you love what you do and true to the cliché “many hands make light work”, we were done just before noon.

Again as we gathered in front of the VANA Multi-purpose hall, tired but with smiles on our faces, it was announced that to commemorate the birthday of one of the caretakers of the project we will again be having our lunch together with the residents of VANA compound. As if planned, making the celebration complete, comes our Executive Vice President and COO Ernie C. Santiago with sando bags in hand; brought with him ice-cream. Now, that’s what I call providence.

A commitment!

Looking back, after all that has been done. What started out as a mere response to participate in a corporate affair, turned into a personal vow to give a hand to others who have little or often times none. I firmly believe that uplifting the lives of our impoverished brethren is a concrete and positive act in re-building this nation. Given this rare opportunity we’ve decided to offer our time, effort and riches to help alleviate the pains brought about by poverty.

Better yet in being God-centered - committed to promoting the Word of God and models of a loving, prayerful, sincere and moral St. Peterian way of life - we considered it our social duty to extend a helping hand and return the favors that God has bestowed on us.

May the St. Peterian tribe increase.